Meter Reading

Water bills are processed bi-monthly, billed in odd months 6 times per year. Due to technical issues, automated reading has not been available.

One question we have received is "How can I ensure my bill is accurate? What if I have over or under paid?"

First, when a city representative comes around, allow them access to read your meter. If you will be unavailalbe on or about the first of the month for readings, please contact city hall or PeopleService to schedule a time for your meter to be read.

OR, you may read your meter and submit the reading to city hall. Manual water meter readings should be done on or about the first of each odd numbered month. When submitting a meter read, be sure to include all the digits.

If your meter read is much higher than the estimate or last reading, check to ensure you do not have a running toilet or leak/drip.

If your meter read is lower than the last estimate, a credit will be issued.** (UNLESS you had a meter replacement in the past that happened mid-cycle, in which case there is a baseline adjustment required. This applies to approximately 10 meters within the city.)


The new meters are here! PeopleService is in the process of changing out water meters. 

We appreciate your patience as we work through getting all the meters changed.

New meters are being read electronically, and once your new meter is installed, manually readings will no longer be needed.

Our Meters

Our Meters


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