Old Timers Fast Pitch Softball

The Harris softball field is a big piece of the community’s history, because for many years Harris was known for its softball team.

Surprisingly, for such a small community,  Harris has a large presence at the Minnesota Softball Hall of fame, with five inductees:  Stan Pieterick, Bill Mobeck, John “Boo” Johnson, Larry Lindquist and David Meyer.

The field itself has a long history, established in 1947 from land that was donated to the city by Adelaide and Albert Stark,  Stark Field is one of the oldest fields in the county.

On Saturday at 4:00 is the Old Timers Fast Pitch Softball game. Some of the same players that made Harris famous for the game will be back on the Stark Field. Concession stand will be open serving hotdogs and pop. Come out and enjoy the game!